Welcome to the Academy of the Five Righteous Verities, the on-going record of the adventures of a party of young dynasts in White Wolf’s Exalted (2nd edition) setting.

Planning for this game is currently in progress. Character submissions will be accepted at a later date. Please see the Character Creation section of the house rules. If you have pictures you’d like to add to this site, either of characters or places, let me know and I’ll get them added to the photobucket so you can link them here. The media limit is very stringent for this site.

Be aware that you are being bribed with XP to add more information about your characters lives and experiences to the wiki if you should feel at all motivated to do so. I am the GM, I have no shame.

Exalted game, setting and concepts are property of White Wolf Publishing, and we make no claim to them. Ghost of a Chance exclusive characters are property of their creators except where otherwise noted.

Exalted: Academy of the Five Righteous Verities