Character Generation

  • Creative submissions are always rewarded with Bonus Points. This can include character backstory, in character journals, artwork, custom charms, artifacts or NPCs that get used in the game, etc.
  • Only 2e material may be used. If you want to adapt something from 1st edition, you must clear this ahead of time.
  • Do not make a loner character that does not work well with others.
  • Abilities and Backgrounds of higher than 3, as well as all Specialties, need to have explanations in your backstory.
  • You must be 10 years old and mortal. You may begin at a younger age if your character concept requires you to be a prodigy. Please discuss this ahead of time with the GM, as severe gaps in age may require the reduction of stats.
  • You must have come from either a Patrician family with Dynastic connections or a Great House family. You do not need to buy the Family Background unless you want to.
  • Merits and Flaws are disallowed.
  • Training will be gained by taking classes and you may raise your Abilities at the end of each semester.
  • XP can be banked to spend on approved Abilities and Specialties at the end of the semester, or spent on other traits (Attributes, Virtues, Charms, etc.) throughout the course of the game.
  • Once the game ends, we may want to pick up the same characters later on in their lifetime. Characters will be awarded story XP and filler XP based on the number of years between the end of this story arc and the beginning of the next one, to the tune of 10 XP per year.

Attributes: 5/4/3
Essence: 1
Abilities: 16, 1 Favored Ability (see note)
Virtues: 5
Charms: 0
Backgrounds: 6 (see note)
Health levels: -0/-1/-1/-2/-4/Incapacitated
Bonus Points: 10

Abilities: Dynastic pre-requisite Abilities are not required at this point. However, it is (or should be) the goal of every character to attain these pre-requisites before graduation from secondary school. No Ability may be raised above 2 without Bonus Points. No Ability may be higher than 3. Your Favored Ability must be rated equal to or higher than any other Ability you possess.

Backgrounds: The following backgrounds are allowed.

  • Allies
  • Breeding
  • Family
  • Mentor
  • Resources

And you can make a case for

  • Backing
  • Connections
  • Henchmen
  • Reputation
  • Retainers

But these are not allowed

  • Arsenal (C’mon, you’re 10 years old)
  • Artifact (and you’re not an Essence user yet.)
  • Command (You’re too young to be leading soldiers into battle)
  • Familiar (and if Fido is talking to you, then something is seriously wrong)
  • Manse (Your treehouse isn’t a Manse, I don’t care how palatial it is.)

Backgrounds will not be allowed above three without good reason, except in the case of Breeding, Resources and Family.


During the story, PCs will have a chance to Exalt. A roll will be made once per session to determine if you exalt. PCs with Breeding scores will have a greater chance of Exalting. Each PC should have Exalted by the end of the story.

Character Conversion
Newly exalted characters receive the following:

  1. Essence 2.
  2. 1 dot for each category of Attribute.
  3. 2 new Favored Abilities outside of your Aspect, or 3 new Favored Abilities if your old Favored Ability is now an Aspect Ability.
  4. 5 dots for Abilities. No more than 1 dot may be added to any 1 Ability, but Abilities can now be raised to 4.
  5. 7 Dragon-Blooded Charms, which will not all be available immediately. Please discuss with me if you desire to build to the Immaculate MAist template.
  6. Calculate Essence pools and record anima power.
  7. Gain one -2 health level.
  8. 5 bonus points to be spent according to the guidelines above.

If we agree to carry these characters on to a second arc after graduation from secondary school, all characters receive the following:

  1. 1 dot for each of the primary and secondary categories of Attribute.
  2. 14 Ability dots. You must have the Dynastic Ability minimums and the Ability minimums necessary to be a graduate of your chosen secondary school. Abilities can now be raised to 5.
  3. 6 Background points to be spent on any Background available to Dragon-Blooded characters. As always, ratings of 3 or higher will need explanation in your character’s backstory.
  4. 4 Specialties
  5. A number of Ox-Body Technique Charms equal to your Resistance rating.

Character Generation

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