Other House Rules

Things You Can Do to Earn BP (a.k.a. The Bribe)

  • Create NPCs. These characters must eventually be used in game to qualify. Creating templates for baddies or animals is also acceptable.
  • Create custom Charms/Spells/Knacks. These don’t have to get used by your character to qualify. All Charms are subject to ST approval.
  • Create custom Artifacts. This applies to Artifacts created whole cloth, not Artifacts that are modified versions of existing Artifacts or templates or conversions from 1e.
  • Create custom Manses/Demesnes/Hearthstones. These don’t have to be Manses/Demesnes used/owned by your character.
  • Write backstory for your character. This counts for the original backstory submitted with the character concept and stats as well as all additional backstory. These can include things like memories/flashbacks, nightmares, family information, scenes from your past, etc.
  • Fulfill ST special requests. Current open requests are:
    • Expand the wiki by entering information from your character’s background such as featured characters, locations and any custom creations.
    • Enter your character’s Combos into the Combos section of the wiki.

What You Can Do with Your BP

  • Save it up to spend it on something shiny. BP awarded through creative submissions spends like normal BP.
  • Convert it to XP to save or spend it that way. Conversion rate is 1 BP = 2 XP. This ends up working out better for the player that saves BP up, but is still a fair conversion otherwise.
  • Spend it to buy up Backgrounds. Yes, they’re normally free if gained in game, but that tends to happen on my time and can take a while. If you purchase them, I’m more inclined to work them in quickly.
  • Spend them on your Followers, Henchmen, Allies, etc. This can only be used for NPCs that are fully statted out and regularly travel with the party. This only applies to BP, not XP.

General Rules

  • XP and BP can only be spent before a session begins or after it has concluded. XP and BP cannot be spent to upgrade your character during a session.
  • Learning Sorcery is a story-spanning quest; it does not happen in the course of a session or two. You must go through the trials.
  • Once sorcery is learned, learning spells does not cost XP. Spells are learned in game by spending time researching and practicing them.
  • Backgrounds are not permanent. If you don’t use them, you lose them. Important note: They can be gained in game FOR FREE.
  • Stunts earn you bonus XP. You may only receive one bonus per session equal to the highest stunt level you performed during that session.
  • Using out of character knowledge will lose you XP.
  • If none of the dice rolled for an action show as successes, but one or more 1s are rolled, the action does not count as a botch if successes have been purchased for the action by any method.
  • In Social Combat, the bonus/penalty assessed based on relative Appearance is now changed. The character with the highest Appearance is now compared to the higher of the other’s Temperance or Appearance. In the case of intimidation (when low Appearance is normally more desirable), compare the (adjusted) Appearance to the highest of the other’s Valor or Appearance.
  • Join Battle is Wits + Awareness. Join War is Wits + War. Join Debate is Wits + Socialize.

Experimental House Rules

  • Craft is changed. See the Crafting article for more details and complete rules.
  • Caps for adding dice or successes to your pools as described in the Excellencies are changed.
    • Terrestrial dice cap is Ability
    • Alchemical dice cap is Attribute
    • Fair Folk dice cap is Grace + Specialty
    • Sidereal dice cap is Ability + Specialty
    • Lunar dice cap is Attribute + Specialty
    • Solar/Abyssal/Infernal dice cap is Attribute + Ability (or Essence for Infernals if needed)
  • Magic (meaning non-mundane) effects that grant bonuses to the user’s rolls (such as Hearthstones, Spells and Charms) count towards the character’s dice cap for a rolled action. Unrolled actions do not have this restriction. Equipment bonuses and magical material bonuses do not apply.

Other House Rules

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