Testing Forms

Testing Instructions

Placement testing will soon commence. Please follow your designated student mentor to the appropriate testing area and obey all other instructions given to you. Once you are introduced to your student mentor, give them your testing form so they may know the proper testing area to which you must be escorted. The library is the designated testing room for all written exams. No talking is permitted after the instructions are given. The auditorium is the designated testing room for all oral exams. The gymnasium is the designated testing room for all practical exams. Please stay with your testing group until your student mentor leads you to the next designated testing area.


(Roll your choice of Attribute with the Ability for each column. Record the number of successes as well as the Attribute you used in the box on your test form. If no successes are achieved, record if the result was a botch. Please write legibly.)

(If you have no points in an Ability, you have a -2 dice penalty for this test. If you have no dice to roll, you fail this test. Record this in the box on your test form to indicate this.)

(The written exams use your choice of mental Attribute.
Intelligence: Use your knowledge of the subject.
Wits: Use reasoning and logic.
The oral exams use your choice of social Attribute.
Charisma: Convince the proctor of your knowledge.
Manipulation: Speak around the question.
The practical exams use your choice of physical Attribute.
Strength: Muscle through the test.
Dexterity: Use fine motor control and agility.)

(Please inform the test proctor if you wish to stunt your test. You may spend a Willpower point on any test, but may not channel a Virtue. Please note the test(s) in which such methods were used on your test form.)

Testing Forms

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