The Calendar and You

The passage of time in Exalted is not what we mere mortals are used to. Here’s a brief rundown of the basic structure. Note that some of this is canon, some just applies to my games.

Each day is 25 hours long. Savants split the day further into 5 five hour blocks with each block being aspected to a different element (or phase of the sun in the First Age). The first two hours of each block are ascending, the third hour is resplendant and the last two hours are descending.

Each week has 7 days. The days are Sunday, Moonday, Fireday, Waterday, Woodday, Airday, and Earthday.

Each month has 4 weeks. The first day of every month is a new moon. The 15th is the full moon.

Each season has 3 months. The first month is ascending, the second is resplendant and the third is descending. There are 5 seasons in a year: air, water, earth, wood and fire in that order. Resplendant Water is the coldest month of the year and Resplendent Fire is the hottest. That means there are 15 months in a year, or 420 days.

At the end of the year (after Descending Fire) there is a 5 day period where there are no stars and no moon called Calibration. It is considered a very inauspicious time when the natural order of things tends to get jumbled up and anything can happen, for good or ill. This makes for a total of 425 days in a year, which is much greater than the 365 days we are used to.

As an interesting exercise, take your current age and multiply it by .8245 to get the age you would be in Creation. Great fun!

The Calendar and You

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