All students are given sets of a standard uniform for indoor wear.


The uniform is soft blue (#86CAE3) linen plainclothes. The set consists of a sleeveless, collarless, v-neck tunic which extends to the knee and splits down either side from the hips, as well as a high-waisted and hemmed pair of trousers or ankle-length wrap skirt. Golden yellow (#D5D51E) piping is added along all hems and the school crest is embroidered on the back of the tunic. Students may choose to wear either the trousers or the skirt, making their choice for the week when the laundry is returned.

(So yes, don’t be the punk who shows up last to pick up laundry and gets stuck with a week’s worth of the kind you don’t like to wear in the wrong size. Or, y’know, contract your laundry out and have what you want in your size all the time.)

Formal Attire

A single set of black silk clothes identical to the plainclothes uniform shall be issued to each student every second semester. An embroidered, translucent silk jacket with long cuffs and a high collar in a creamy white (#F0F0C8) is also provided for formal occasions.


Three pair of closed-toed, cork-soled sandals in soft blue are provided every second semester as well as one pair of black leather ankle boots for formal occasions.

Sports Apparel

Sports-oriented apparel shall be provided by the student’s family if desired and must be procured in the school colors. Most training can be performed in the school uniform, but team uniforms shall be provided to the student by the school in the case of competitive events. Team uniforms are designed and commissioned by the teacher in charge of the team. Ornamentation is not permitted on such occasions, and hairstyles may not obscure the school crest.

Other Clothing

Smallclothes, stockings and all additional, after hours clothing are to be provided by the student’s family. Students may choose their own clothing when in the dorms or when otherwise not on school time. Dorm monitors will assist students in selecting clothing that maintains a standard of humble modesty and does not distract from their studies.

(Selected older students are given the discretion normally reserved for teachers when in the dorm. This is intended so that they enforce the “no distraction” and “humble modesty” clauses, but is more often than not an excuse to power-trip.)


School-provided clothing and all smallclothes and stockings are laundered on-site. Additional clothing must be contracted out to one of the washing services in the town nearby. Reputable local launderers can be recommended on request.


One Item

Students are allowed to ornament their basic attire with no more than one of the following items at any one time: an over jacket that can be cut no shorter than the waist, a shawl, a sash, a scarf, a hat or a belt. It is permissible to affix a house mon to one’s ornamental attire. In cases of inclement weather, students may make use of parasols which are not counted against their one item of ornamentation.

(Students typically get around the “one item” rule by customizing their basic attire in small ways such as adding beading to their sandals or wearing shirtsleeves under their tunic. Items tend to get traded around or “borrowed”. Older students are usually given more leeway in this, especially those who are favorites of certain teachers.)


Cosmetics are allowed, but teachers shall exercise discretion as to the proper amount and type of cosmetics a student may wear.


Jewelry is prohibited except for ornaments of rank, which are never to be obscured by clothing or hair. Cuffs or bands are to be worn on the right wrist or upper arm. Medallions of Specialty must always be worn outside one’s clothing. Pins may be worn on the clothing or in the hair so long as they are visible at all times.


There are no hair length restrictions, though hairstyles must not be distracting nor can permanent dyes be used. Students arriving to formal events with dyed hair shall be reprimanded. No hairstyle is permitted to obscure ornaments of rank. Clips and combs are prohibited, but unornamented pins and hair ties are allowed.

Upon Exaltation

Students, after receiving the blessings of the Immaculate Dragons, are permitted to wear clothing and ornamentation gifted to them to celebrate the occasion. Uniforms may be commissioned by their families in their preferred colors and fabrics. Exalted students must still wear the formal attire issued to them on all formal occasions.

(Teachers are largely given free rein over their own attire, though most keep to simple robes of embroidered silks. Dragon-Blooded teachers are encouraged to remain modest in their dress so as not to distract from the lessons unnecessarily. Most make a game of pushing the boundaries and become amused when students try to copy their more outrageous styles.)


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